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Everyone is pretty much aware of Marvel & DC characters.  Since childhood, we heard about these superheroes’ & the person who specifically represent these characters in front of the world was Stan Lee. 

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Everyone is pretty much aware of the marvel top character name called “LOGAN” AKA “Wolverine”.  It is a fictional character who was portrayed by “Hugh Jackman”.

The character he got was much difficult to portray in front of the audience but after giving back to back hits like X-Men Origins & wolverine. HE got applause from the crowd & his jacket which he usually uses to wear to get In character. This jacket got much popularity in the industry.

Almost everyone wants this suitable piece of outfit in their wardrobe. Because of its impeccable looks & versatility make this outfit among those who want badass looks or especially bikers as well.

Apart from film jackets, that, everyone is much passionate about the car series films & among them fast & the furious series considered as the most iconic series in history based on street racers & on their lives.

The main lead character called “Dominic Tourette” AKA “Vin Diesel”  has popular due to his driving skills & most importantly the get-up he used to do in the movie as just a leather jacket paired with jeans along with long boots.

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